Thursday, 25 February 2010

A thought I had in the bath....

I was lying in the bath the other day, wondering why it is that often I excuse my imperfect behaviour towards another human being, by justifying my attitude in due relation to their actions?

In simpler terms, why do I feel justified in being annoyed or critical of someone because they have done something wrong?

Surely, my imperfect reaction to their imperfect action is just as wrong as their behaviour was I am no better than they are!

Take for example, if I were to be irritated by someone I loved because they hadn't done something I had asked them to do. I would, in all probability, feel annoyed and have unloving and imperfect thoughts about that person, and their behaviour, and would feel that it was OK to do so, because if they had fulfilled their part of the bargain, I wouldn't now be being critical towards them.

And rightly so, you might be thinking now. But take a moment, if God had decided that He should treat us as we deserved, or in direct relation to whether or not we were keeping "our side of the bargain" would any of us stand even the tiniest chance of forgiveness and reconciliation? The answer to that can only be a resounding "No."

And for those of you who may be reading this, that don't "get" the God angle, just think how it would be if everyone in the world was basically un-selfish, and didn't judge, react or demand retribution?

So the challenge for me today is to try and respond, inwardly as well as outwardly, in a truly loving, non judgemental, and un irritated way, even when I may feel the situation deserves it.
John ch 8 v 7 "Let him who is without the first to throw a stone..."